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March 09, 2009 - Advocate.com - LINK

GLN permalink posted March 9, 2009

Call for Nationwide Rallies on Marriage Decision Day

By Michelle Garcia

Robin Tyler & Diane Olson

Though Californians and people across the country await the state supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage, several activists are asking people not to simply wait around but to come together and make their voices heard.

If all goes according to plan, people will gather in protest or celebration on the Day of Decision, when California's supreme court rules whether to uphold or strike down a marriage ban that voters narrowly approved in November. The demonstration, spearheaded by Robin Tyler and Andy Thayer, will likely mirror the same events that followed the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling for Lawrence v. Texas, which decriminalized gay sex between consenting adults. The demonstrations in 2003 were in 50 cities across the country.

"By organizing now, we are also sending a message to the court that people are watching what they do, and that if it's a bad decision, our community will not go softly into the night," said Thayer, cofounder of Chicago's Gay Liberation Network. "We will react with a justified anger at one of the worst, and most cowardly court decisions of our era. If we win, these actions will be celebrations and an attempt to push the momentum of a California victory to other states and regions."

The court is required to rule within 90 days to reject or uphold Proposition 8, the measure rescinding the same court's ruling from last May that allowed 18,000 gay and lesbian couples to marry in California. There will be 24 hours' notice before the ruling is released.

To stay up-to-date on the events or to organize one in your city, visit DayofDecision.org.


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