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Black LGBT & Allies For Equality


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Some very powerful black organizations and religious institutions are aligning with very powerful white racist organizations and religious institutions in support of the marriage amendment. We all know what adding this marriage amendment to the Constitution means; discrimination will be the law of the land.

Discrimination against LGBTs will be the law of the land.

Discrimination against progressives will be the law of the land.

Discrimination against those who do not accept Jesus as their personal savior will be the law of the land.

There is an unholy alliance building power in our country, and the only way to stop the momentum is through unity. We must join together and use our combined resources to stand against what is happening in our communities and country.

Let us not forget what the life and teachings of Jesus Christ tell us. Jesus taught us to be responsible to and for one another (Luke: 10:29-37). He taught us to accept one another (Matthew 9:20-23). He taught us to protect our children (Matthew 18: 6-7). He taught us to stand against the misuse of religion (Matthew 21:12-13). He did not teach us to judge the worth of another. He did not teach us to instill hate and fear in our children. He did not teach us to use religion as a way to gain political power and personal wealth.

I would like to invite you to unite as we all face the task of illustrating and standing against how some black religious leaders and institutions have traded the tradition of black spirituality for political power, economical gain, and acceptance from ‘mainstream’ white America.

Please accept my invitation to visit the website of the sponsor for Black LGBT & Allies for Equality: www.sankofaway.org (click on the rainbow flag). Accept my invitation to sign our statement and become a supporter (you may sign the statement at the Black LGBT & Allies website or by visiting: www.petitiononline.com/Standnow/petition.html.

Members of our forming coalition will be visiting churches that have a history of homophobia on Sundays in June and part of July as a way of making visible our opposition to the marriage amendment, and the misuse of religion. I hope that you will pass information about us on and encourage people to unite and sign the statement.

There is power in unity.

Rev. Deborah Elandus Lake, Executive Director

Sankofa Way Spiritual Services, Inc.
Chicago, IL 60615

blog: www.howethicalisthis.blogspot.com
phone: 773 793 5211
fax: 773 624 5689


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