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Microsoft Bows to Bigot, Backs-Off Ban on Antigay Discrimination: Take Action!

Former football player makes a new name for himself as a leading proponent of marriage inequality for same-sex couples. Bigot Ken Hutcherson has apparently bullied Microsoft into withdrawing its support for the Washington state gay rights bill.

Reportedly, Homophobic Hutcherson also demanded, unsuccessfully, that Mircosoft fire employees who testified for the bill before legislative committees. Gives new meaning to term "Christian" leader!

Microsoft reportedly justified its change in position on the rights bill as needing to respond equally to its "Christian" employees, an apparent reference to members of Hutcherson's den of hate mongers. Would the company stop backing equality for African-Americans if KKK scum calling themselves "Christians" demanded this action? Not likely.

Contact corporate executives and PR agents at addresses provided below.

Minister [Ken Hutcherson] had demanded the company fire Microsoft employees who testified this year on behalf of the [gay rights] bill.

Tell Bill Gates what you think of his abandonment of gay rights:



1. Call Microsoft's director of Government Relations,

Jack Krumholtz, at tel. 202-263-5900

2. Contact other Microsoft honchos and its public relations reps

- Jim Desler, Microsoft US



- Dirk Delmartino,

Microsoft Europe

+32 (0)2 550 06 21


- The firm handling public policy for Microsoft in DC:

The Glover Park Group

Washington, DC


- The firm handling Microsoft's "rapid response" to questions:

Waggener Edstrom Rapid Response Team



- Media Relations for Microsoft

Global Communications & Television

(212) 339-9920


- Microsoft Investor Relations

Curt Anderson, (425) 706-3703

- Walt McGraw, Edelman, (206) 223-1606, walt.mcgraw@edelman.com

- Shon Damron, Edelman, (323) 857-9100, shon.damron@edelman.com

- Carlos de Leon,tel. 425-703-3824, or carlosde@microsoft.com

- Katie Goldberg, tel. 206-268-2244, or katie.goldberg@edelman.com

3. Demand that Microsoft return the award it received from the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. We don't give corporate bigots awards, and we don't expect them to keep such awards under false pretenses. If Microsoft has now rethunk its position on defending civil rights, then give back the damn award:

Per Microsoft's own Web site:

"Microsoft has been honored for its pioneering work on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community with the annual Corporate Vision Award of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center."


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