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Russian Activist at Fundraiser for Moscow Gay Pride

UK Gay News - 10/05/2007 - LINK

Nikolai Alexeyev in front of a Chicago billboard.

Pure Russian. Nikolai Alexeyev in front of a Chicago billboard.

Nikolai Alexeyev attended a "Solidarity Reception" in Chicago last night.

Organised by Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network at the LGBT Resource Center, those attending were able to see video of the two Moscow Gay Prides and the way the local police and OMON handled the situation during the Prides which were banned by the homophobic Mayor of Moscow.

Mr. Alexeyev, who was arrested and detained at both events, said that the banning was against the European Convention on Human Rights, which Russia had signed.

He added that in the case of the 2006 Moscow Gay Pride a complaint was already with the European Court of Human Rights – and that a similar complaint over this year’s event was in the process of being lodged.

Those attending heard that Moscow organisers were not put-off by the problems of the past two years – and that next year’s event would be on May 31.

Mr. Alexeyev said that there was currently some discussions about solidarity protests around the world shortly before next year’s Moscow Gay Pride to put the city’s authorities on notice that the world would again be watching to see how the city council treated the event.

Rich Wilson introduces Nikolai Alexeyev

Rich Wilson introduces Nikolai Alexeyev at the "Solidarity Reception"

Nikolai Alexeyev

Mr. Alexeyev addresses Chicago gays (above and below)

Nikolai Alexeyev

Bob Schwartz & Nikolai Alexeyev

Bob Schwartz of Gay Liberation Network makes a pitch for funds to help Moscow Gay Pride.


Chicago Public Radio - USA:

Worldview: The Perils of Gay Activism in Russia. For the last two years Moscow’s Gay pride parade has ended with violence and arrests. AUDIO: Jerome McDonnell talks with Nikolai Alexeyev, gay rights activist and Moscow Gay Pride organiser, and Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network which is hosting Alexeyev's visit to Chicago for "Matthew Shepard March" on Saturday.

10-04-2007 - UK Gay News - Russian Gay Activist in Chicago [pictures]


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