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I am totally still infuriated about the lack of gay and lesbian issues discussed at the Democratic National Convention. I am still waiting for someone to address it and it is over and all the donkeys have been packed up and ridden over the pass.

You know the entire social conservative movement will be out in full force all over the Republican National Convention, going on and on about the unraveling of the moral fiber of this nation due to the rampant acceptance of homosexuality. Why is this so incredibly scary to these people? How is this worse than our country waging war on the whims of a president and not for any real reason; the military committing atrocities in our name; the constant breach of privacy in the never ending pseudo-war on terror; the elevating and lowering of threat levels to keep us in a state of panic so we have no time to actually judge what is going on? How can anyone say that gays and lesbians getting married is worse than this? What is so bad about it? THEY ARE STARTING FAMILIES!!!!!!! So that is their cause for concern?

On top of this, the liberal stance is a backward version of taking the 'high road' by ignoring the demoralizing and homophobic view of the Christian right, when in truth, it is not the high road but what is incorrectly perceived as the safe route. Playing it safe isn't productive for anyone, because safety requires invisibility for gay and lesbian Americans, and the inhumanity engendered by making people disappear is anything but safe; rather, it puts us all in danger.

When we are banned from the places where we should be welcomed, where we should not only be allowed but encouraged to speak, where do we go then? It frustrates me because this silences the potential leader that is waiting in the wings. We need a Martin Luther Queen. Now, at this very moment. This is the most important thing we could ask for. Someone who could say, "Free at last," would be nice, but right now I would settle, for "here at last."

-Margaret Cho



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