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Cook Cty States Attorney's Office Lets Corrupt Cop Off the Hook

Sources within the office of Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez say Ms. Alvarez won't prosecute corrupt cop Richard Fiorito.

Attorneys within the Cook County State's Attorneys office recently leaked to the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) that their boss, States Attorney Anita Alvarez, is planning on NOT prosecuting Chicago Police Officer Richard Fiorito.

GLN permalink 1-13-2010

Videos from Fiorito's own squad car show he repeatedly committed perjury and obstruction of justice by falsely charging gays and other motorists with DUI. Fiorito currently faces 37 civil rights lawsuits in federal court.

Some of the falsely charged have lost their jobs thanks to being held in lock up overnight or being forced to attend repeated, bogus court dates. Several of Fiorito's victims report him yelling homophobic slurs at them during the false arrests.

State's Attorney Office sources tell GLN that their boss is simply waiting for an "appropriate" time to make her announcement about Fiorito's non-arrest. Presumably she wants to dump the news at a time like a Friday afternoon when there's little press coverage that will ensue.

Sorry, Ms. Alvarez, but thanks to the leaks of your own employees, the news is out now!

While there is overwhelming probable cause to arrest Officer Fiorito for perjury and obstruction of justice, the fact that Anita Alvarez has failed to prosecute him should come as no surprise. Under Alvarez's mentor, former Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine, and his mentor, former Cook County State's Attorney and now-Mayor Richard M. Daley, two-and-a-half decades of torture of African Americans by Commander Jon Burge and other cops went unprosecuted.

Thirteen of Burge's torture victims ended up on Illinois's death row, and dozens served or are still serving long-term sentences in prison thanks to torture-induced false confessions. And thanks to the actions and inactions of Alvarez's predecessors and mentors in the State's Attorneys Office, Burge still collects a City of Chicago pension.

If you're upset by this latest development, please contact Ms. Alvarez to protest her failure to protect LGBTs and other motorists from creeps like Officer Fiorito. Call the Cook County State's Attorneys Office at 312-603-5440 or email them at stateattorney@cookcountygov.com


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