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The Next Step to Stopping Anti-LGBT Cop Officer Fiorito

GLN permalink 11-15-2009

This Thursday night, November 19th, is an excellent opportunity for you to send a message in person to the top Chicago Police Department brass about their allowing anti-gay cop Officer Richard Fiorito to remain employed by the City of Chicago.

As announced in a news conference Thursday (see links below), there are now 37 federal lawsuits against Fiorito alleging that he files false DUI charges against motorists so as to rack up overtime pay for attending his victims’ court dates. During many of these bogus arrests he peppers his remarks with anti-Lesbian and Gay epithets.

On Thursday we released yet more videotape from Fiorito’s own dashboard camera showing that he perjures himself in his police reports about the arrests.

Despite official reluctance to do anything about the problem, we HAVE made progress:

*** In response to a wave of bad publicity, in October Fiorito was finally placed on desk duty. Before then, CPD brass knew about the problem for many months but had done nothing.

*** In response to another wave of bad publicity brought on by a Channel 7 report, last week Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez finally agreed to no longer use Fiorito’s perjured testimony against motorists facing charges.

...but he is still collecting a City of Chicago paycheck, and many of his fellow Town Hall District officers witnessed his repeated lawbreaking and failed to report it, which is itself a serious violation of Illinois state law.

...and the Cook County States Attorney’s Office, already notorious for shielding dirty cops in far more serious cases such as Commander Jon Burge and his decades’ long torture ring, still has not filed criminal charges against Fiorito, let alone vigorously prosecuted him.

Join us this Thursday night as we demand the firing and criminal prosecution of anti-gay cop Richard Fiorito:

7 PM, Thursday, Nov. 19
In front of Chicago Police Headquarters
3510 S. Michigan Avenue
Just a few blocks east of the “35th Street“ Red Line el station
(ample street parking is available too)

At 7:30 PM we will go inside to attend the Police Board meeting. It begins with a half hour or so of formal business, followed by the public comment section. In order to speak in this section, you must call the Board at 312.742.4194 before 4 PM at least a day in advance.

Here are some of the results of last Thursday’s press conference:

Alleged Anti-Gay Officer in Hot Water. Again.
NBC Channel 5
November 12, 2009

Is This Driver Swerving, Narrowly Missing Parked Cars?
Dashcam video from Officer Richard Fiorito's squad car appears to show an uneventful drive, but his report told a different story.
NBC Channel 5
November 13, 2009

Cop sued over more alleged false arrests
ABC Channel 7
November 12, 2009

Aumentan demandas
Telemundo Channel 44
November 12, 2009
Aumentan demandas. Introducen nuevas demandas contra policía de Chicago quien habría mentido al imponer multas a conductores por conducir ebrios ...

Another phony Boystown arrest caught on tape
Attorney asks to add 16 more to lawsuit against alleged anti-gay cop
Chicago Free Press
November 12, 2009

More plaintiffs in Fiorito case
Windy City Times
November 13, 2009


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