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Gay-Bashing Survivors Speak Out!

Kentin Waits and Jeffrey Lyons to Speak after Friday Film Showing!

Gay-bashing survivors Kentin Waits and Jeffrey Lyons will share their thoughts following the North American premiere of a film about gay-bashing by police. Waits and Lyons are featured in the United States portion of "Less Than Human," a new Amnesty International film covering anti-gay attacks by governments in Equador, Turkey, Zimbabwe and the U.S. Waits' and Lyons' cases, concerning attacks by Chicago Police, were championed by the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network and were among the first reports Amnesty ever did about gay-bashing by police in the United States.

Please join us this Friday night:

8:45 pm

Chicago Filmmakers

5243 N. Clark Street

Part of the Reeling 2003 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered film fest. For more information about Waits' and Lyons' cases, please go to the following pages on the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network website:



& Free Screening

of Police Gay-Bashing Documentary

You are invited to help us celebrate a year's worth of important victories at the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (CABN) HOLIDAY PARTY!

Good food and drinks, and a special free showing of "Less Than Human," the Amnesty International documentary about gay-bashing by governments around the world, including a segment about gay-bashing by the Chicago Police. The film features interviews with Jeffrey Lyons and Kentin Waits, two courageous young men who refused to accept the violence and discrimination meted out to them.

7 pm, Saturday, December 27 at the home of Bob Schwartz, Chicago.

Film showing starts at 9 pm. For more information e-mail CABNstopthehate@aol.com or phone 773.878.3697



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