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GLN Photo Galleries

7th Annual Matthew Shepard March for LGBT Rights! - Saturday October 8, 2005

Photos courtesy of Chris Geovanis / Hammerhard Mediaworks

"Anti-gay = Pro-hate"

"Black/white Gay/straight marriage is a right!"

Crowd at the rally

"Equality For All!"

Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans people DEMAND equal rights!


"LGBT People demand money for Healthcare NOT Warfare!"

Ifti Nasim is President of Sangat, a South Asian LGBT organization.

Izzy Beceril co-emcee'd the first half of the rally, and is a member of both the Gay Liberation Network and Orgullo En Accion ("Pride in Action"), a new LGBTQQ Latino/a group in Chicago.

GLN on the March.

Take to the streets through Wrigleyville.

"Opposition to Equal Rights is Bigotry" - GLN

Photos above courtesy of Chris Geovanis / Hammerhard Mediaworks

After a short rally, the protest marched out of the heavily gay "Boystown" neighborhood and into the "straight" Wrigleyville bar district, past Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, and then back to Boystown.

Edgar Oscar Atadero, President of ProGay Philippines, the organizer of the first-ever Gay Pride March in that country.

Radical Cheerleaders

Orgullo En Accion ("Pride in Action")

A voice for the Latino L/G/B/T/Q/Q community


And to reiterate the flyer we passed out on Saturday, GLN thanks the individuals, organizations and people new to GLN for your help!:

Edgar Oscar Atadero
Chicago A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
City of Chicago Department of Transportation
Kristy Curry
Jessica Deahr
Morris Greenstein
Jan Grillos
Joel Hall Dancers II
Nilsa Irizzary
Christy Lytle
Joe Murray
Ifti Nasim
Orgullo en Accion
Dorothy Pagosa
Gen'ral Patton & His Privates
Duwane Pendarvis
Nicole Perez
ProGay Philippines
The Radical Cheerleaders
Rainbow Sash Movement
Kirby Reed
Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry
Julienne Rencher
Amy Roby
Chuck Scharenberg
Rev. Dan Schlorff
Laura Tennal
Theatre 521



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