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North Halsted Market Days - August 6-7, 2005

The Gay Liberation Network booth at Northalsted Market Days, August 6-7. Our focus this year was on spreading the anti-war message within the LGBT community, with literature and petitions demanding that the troops be brought home from Iraq immediately. By conservative estimates, some 100,000+ Iraqis have been killed, and yet the administration pretends to not know why most Iraqis (according to U.S.-conducted polls) detest the U.S. presence and want the troops out of their country.

Thousands of people crowded the street on both days. Here is looking at the crowd south on Halsted from in front of the GLN booth near Roscoe Street.

...and here is looking northbound from in front of our booth.

Thanks to the MANY individuals who helped out that weekend! ...And mucho THANKS also to Chicago Area CodePINK and Chicago ANSWER members for helping out too!!

Over 6,000 flyers were passed out and 1,150 people signed the petition to insist that the Chicago City Council pass a resolution demanding that the U.S. bring the troops home now. GLN is part of a citywide effort to circulate this petition in advance of a Wednesday, Sept. 14th City Council vote on the resolution. To promote the resolution, on Tuesday, Sept. 13 there will be a "Bring the Troops Home NOW!" rally, 5 pm to 6:30 pm, at the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street. The rally is cosponsored by Peace Pledge Chicago, Chicago Area CodePINK, Chicagoans Against the War and Injustice, 8th Day Center For Justice, International Solidarity Movement, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, and of course, the Gay Liberation Network (list in formation). For more info on the rally, go to www.peacepledgechicago.org or call 312-494-5840.


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