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Thank You for Joining the Peace Movement, Mayor Daley!

GLN permalink 2-12-2010

Dear Mayor Daley,

After nearly 7 years of war in Iraq and over 8 in Afghanistan, we heartily thank you for joining the peace movement now that your son is facing another deployment to the war theater!

As reported by WBEZ-FM's sister station Vocalo Tuesday night, after using your police force and permit authority over the past several years to repeatedly thwart activists' attempts to excise our 1st Amendment rights, we are so gratified that you are now calling for anti-war marches on Michigan Avenue!!

We are very happy to oblige your heartfelt wishes by organizing a march on Michigan Avenue this year on Thursday, March 18th, the seventh anniversary of the United States invasion of Iraq. The protest is scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM that day with a short rally at Federal Plaza, corner of Dearborn and Adams Streets, followed by the march.

Now that you have decided that the peace movement was right about the war all along, and that marching against it on Michigan Avenue is a good thing, we're sure that you will soon be issuing an apology to the over 800 people whom your riot police arrested at the corner of Michigan and Chicago Avenues on March 20, 2003 at the start of the invasion.

We are truly grateful that you will also soon be issuing an apology to those of us arrested for participating in a press conference on the corner of Michigan and Oak on the third anniversary of the war, for suing us to overturn a permit we won last year, and for the periodic spying on and infiltration of our movement by your police force. We are gratified that soon you will have the city's Law Department throw in the towel in its defense of the City in the lawsuits arising out of these matters. For all of this we are sincerely grateful!!

In case you or any or your colleagues in the City's police department want to find out more about this year's march on the anniversary of the United States invasion of Iraq, may I kindly suggest that you check out our website or email us at CCAWR@aol.com

Thank you again, Mr. Mayor -- your support is so very much appreciated!!

Fondly yours,
Andy Thayer


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