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Letters to the Editor

Philadelphia Gay News

Dear Editor:

The rant of David Benkof is a brazen attack upon equality coming from a gay man who has the chutzpah to tell the rest of us to steer clear of the marriage issue since it offends traditionalists. Benkof is a self-described "non-practicing" gay, due to religious belief.

Even the Republican chief justice of the California Supreme Court, Ronald George, had the historical sensitivity to liken discrimination against gays to the Jim Crow segregation he witnessed as a young man traveling through the American South. Unlike Benkof, George recognizes a denial of equality when he sees it.

No one who wishes to adhere to "traditional" thinking about marriage is prohibited from doing so following the California court ruling. No one who wants to ask a Catholic priest or Jewish rabbi to perform a "traditional" marriage of one man and one woman is prohibited from doing so. Even Benkof is free to write and publish his offensive, but protected, rant against gay civil equality.

Benkof writes that teachers holding "traditional" views might be forced to teach against their belief when addressing students on California marriage law. So be it. Anti-gay bigots, along with racists and anti-woman pharmacists, can always seek other employment.

Like the Sun shining down on a California beach, there is enough equality for everyone. Except for those wanting to exercise the "right" to discriminate.

Truly yours,


Gay Liberation Network, Chicago


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