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GLN Makes News on LaBarbera's Website -- Again

Peter LaBarbera

Holy Homo Hater, Batman!

Peter LaBarbera lectures Bob Schwartz on the difference between "disagreement" and "bigotry." I suppose he'd disagree that the string of spectacular flops that brought to an end his tenure as Illinois Family Institute chief is now continuing at the failure-plagued "Americans for Truth." First, LaBarbera's inaugural banquet fund raiser was canceled by the Naperville Holiday Inn. Then just weeks later, with airline ticket already in hand, LaBarbera was told he was not welcome at a panel on workplace diversity. Maybe bigotry had something to do with these rejections. But Peter calls it "Christian bashing."

As for LaBarbera's claimed opposition to racism, I guess it is convenient for him to forget that his recently departed hero, Jerry Falwell, once referred to a "civil wrongs movement" as African Americans and allies struggled for equal treatment. Falwell himself tried to bury that one, moving as LaBarbera has done to make alliances with Black clergy eager to fill their coffers with "faith-based" cash. LaBarbera's banquet speaker, so-called "ex-lesbian" Charlene Cothran, is similarly trying to mine gold in the "ex-gay" movement.

Its good to read that LaBarbera considers GLN to be more extreme in its "Christian-bashing" than Equality Illinois' Rick Garcia who called Cardinal Francis George a "bigot." Whether white or African American, LaBarbera's "Bible believers" who rail against gays and call for denying us equal civil rights deserve to be bashed as bigots.


http://americansfortruth.com/news/ gay-liberation-network-and-bob-schwartz-again- compare-bible-believers-on-homosexuality-to-white-supremacists.html


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