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Cristo-Fascists Call Their Campaign to Enshrine Hate a "Debate." The Old Tyme Religion Demonized Jews, African Americans, Too.

The Illinois Family Institutes calls its hate campaign, "a debate."

Reminds me of the KKK and American Nazis who wanted to "debate" the legitimacy of African American or Jewish humanity. While anti-Black and anti-Jewish hate speech is no longer accepted in public discourse, gays are still fair game for hate campaigns.

When did you last hear of public campaigns to turn African Americans into white, by urging them to "turn from their lifestyles" and adopt mainstream cultural norms?

Yes, there was a time not too many years ago when Black music was derided as "emotional" and "savage," making it unfit for white, Christian ears. The Black origins of rock 'n roll were widely condemned along these lines.

Crusades urging Jews to forsake their Christ-killer ways are mostly forbidden in respectable circles, but gays are still called "perverted" and "doing violence to children" even by the Pope of Rome.

Ignoring science, antigay religious extremists proclaim the creative behavior of a god known only to themselves, saying this deity would never place gays on Earth. Therefore, we have to "change" and also don't deserve legal rights based upon our "changeable lifestyle."

Ignoring kinky sexual activity by straights [remember Jack Ryan?], bigots point exclusively to supposedly "perverted" gay sexual behavior. This is the gay version of the anti-Semitic "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which portrayed Jews as drinking the blood of Christian children as a part of savage anti-Jesus rituals. Meanwhile, it was the Christian truth bearers that maimed and killed their way across Europe and the entire globe.

Hopefully, the IFI will fail in its attempt to place the referendum on the ballot, and the Illinois Constitution will remain free of antigay hate generated by those who want to impose one definition of marriage on the whole of society.

Rick Garcia of Equality Illinois

"I'm anticipating three to four months of outrageous, disgusting anti-gay rhetoric and harassment," said Equality Illinois' Rick Garcia of the coming statewide campaign for and against Protect Marriage Illinois' pro-marriage referendum. The rest of us just call it a debate.


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