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T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Willie Wilson, Noel Jones, Gregory Daniels, Paul Morton, Charles Blake and Creflo Dollar. All these black pastors, plus Donnie McClurkin, are known for their homophobia. What drives these men? Could it be fear of being outed? Internalized homophobia?

Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick name names and invite the homophobes to cease and desist. They also ask for any information that these men might themselves be closeted gays.

GLN supports putting pressure on all clergy, gay or straight, African-American, white or Latino; Christian, Jew or Muslim, to stop bashing their own gays, and LGBTs in the larger society.

Thomas Jefferson and other founders, were fed up with conflict caused by religious zealots. Using Jefferson's phrase, we say,the "wall of separation" between religious institutions and state needs not only to be maintained, , but strengthened. We say "No" to any one religious definition of marriage or any other civil right being imposed on all!


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