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...and speaking of "Kill Gays" performers, here's an update about Buju Banton

GLN permalink 12-14-2009

Followers of GLN News will remember that GLN and other groups, and especially our webmaster Syd Stevens, helped launch nationwide protests against “kill gays” performer Buju Banton in August, leading to many cancellations of the shows on his tour (see www.cancelbujubanton.wetpaint.com/).

Buju Banton and his publicists of course claimed that our protests had no effect, but even in the cities where he did perform, he ended up having to re-book new venues as many as three times, as many of them cancelled out once they found out that Banton promoted murder against LGBT people. In all, 23 venues cancelled, and he ended up performing in 32.

Our protests not having an effect? Well now comes word from the Saturday Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking-news/story/1379335.html) that Buju Banton was arrested last Thursday allegedly with 5 kilos of cocaine and charged not only with possession, but with intent to distribute. A little web research shows that 5 kilos has a street value of approximately $100,000.00

Travel, lodging and other expenses for Banton and his entourage couldn’t be cheap, especially when so many venues kept cancelling on him. Inquiring minds want to know that if Banton’s tour was such a financial success, why was he allegedly trying to sell $100,000.00 of cocaine?


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