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"Kill Gays" Performer's Tour Falling Apart As Many Cities Cancel

GLN permalink posted 09-27-2009

More cancellations of venues for "kill gays" performer Buju Banton have left his 2009 U.S. tours in tatters, report LGBT organizers at the cancelbujubanton.wetpaint.com website. Latest cancellations include Detroit, Santa Clara, CA and Richmond, VA. In Richmond – where he's been scheduled and cancelled three times now – not even a skating rink will have him.

So far venues in seventeen cities have cancelled appearances, with Banton finding replacement venues in four of those cities. Cities that have seen cancellations include Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, Richmond, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Tampa.

The four cities that saw cancellations that then rescheduled are Austin (Oct. 21), Berkeley (Oct. 10), Columbus (Oct. 2) and Katy, TX (Oct. 22). Other cities with concerts still scheduled are Albuquerque (Oct. 19), Aspen (Oct. 7), Atlanta (Oct. 24), Charleston, SC (Oct. 27), Denver (Oct. 6), Eureka, CA (Oct. 10), Jacksonville, FL (Oct. 29), Miami (Oct. 31) and Solana Beach, CA (Oct. 17).

LGBT activists in these cities and in the cities where Banton has rescheduled are encouraged contact the venues and urge them to cancel Banton. Information about the venues can be found at the cancelbujubanton.wetpaint.com website.

Banton is notorious for his song, "Boom Bye Bye," in which he advocates killing gays by automatic weapons and burning us with acid. He and his publicists have claimed he hasn't performed the song in years, yet video tape evidence of his concerts show this is a lie.

As Guyana's Stabroek News reported in October 2007, "...the night certainly belonged to the dreadlocked, still very much homophobic Jamaican dancehall star, who had no apologies for his discriminatory lyrics lashing the gay community. 'Buju nah like no batty boy and dem batty boy attack Buju,' the singer said to an adulating audience who seemed to have been waiting for that exact moment. And perhaps feeling the vibes of the embracing crowd and the urge to sing his controversial song, 'Boom boom bye,' the singer belted out a few of the lyrics nearing the close of his performance." (www.stabroeknews.com/2007/stories/10/29/buju-sings-controversial-tune-at-music-festival/)

Visiting Chicago's Washington Park that same year, Banton's DJ "warmed up" the crowd just before his set by playing "Boom Bye Bye," and he continues to profit from it through compilation albums.

The cancelbujubanton.wetpaint.com website was initiated by Gay Liberation Network webmaster Syd Stevens. Special thanks for the Detroit cancellation go to Michelle Fox-Phillips of Transgender Detroit, Kathleen Latosch from Affirmations, and Triangle Foundation's Alicia Skilman. Jay Squires, President of the Gay Community Center of Richmond played a leading role in the cancellations in that city.


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