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House of Blues Sponsors "Kill Gays" Performer

GLN permalink posted August 21, 2009

On the evening of Thursday, October 1st, the House of Blues nightclub is slated to host a notorious gay-hating performer, Buju Banton, who openly calls for killing Lesbians and Gays in the lyrics of his songs.

Please join us in protest! – Call the House of Blues to let them know how you feel about them hosting a musician who advocates killing Lesbians and Gays. Phone them at 312.923.2000 and demand that they cancel the concert.

Let's be clear: advocating murder is not "free speech."

House of Blues, part of the monopolistic "Live Nation" entertainment conglomerate, has faced protests before against its sponsorship of anti-gay "murder music," yet it persists in thinking that LGBT people should "tolerate" those who call for murdering us. You can call the Live Nation customer service line to complain at 800.431.3462 9 AM to 4 PM or email them at CustomerService@LiveNation.com

House of Blues/Live Nation would never book Buju Banton if he advocated killing African Americans or Jews, and rightfully so. Why is it still OK with House of Blues to advocate murdering Lesbians and Gays? Why the double standard?

Please mark the date – Thursday, October 1st – to say NO to murder musicians in Chicago! We have moved our 11th annual Matthew Shepard March for LGBT Freedom from Boystown to downtown that night. We will assemble at the State of Illinois Building Plaza (northwest corner of Randolph & Clark Streets) at 5:30 PM and march on the House of Blues.

If between now and then the House of Blues cancels the concert, we will have a CELEBRATION and congratulate Live Nation for doing the right thing. If they go ahead with the murder music concert, we will take our PROTEST to the doors of House of Blues and call on everyone to BOYCOTT House of Blues / Live Nation going forward.

If you would like to volunteer to help out with the protest, please email GLN at LGBTliberation@aol.com.

Thank you!


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