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10th Annual Matthew Shepard March For LGBT Freedom!

TEN YEARS AGO anti-gay bigots lynched 21-year-old Matthew Shepard, strung him up on a barbed wire fence in Wyoming and left him to die. Shepard's murder put the issue of anti-LGBT violence - and the hate that causes it - on the national agenda for the first time in a generation.

This year's 10th annual Matthew Shepard March for LGBT Freedom – 8 PM, Saturday, September 27th, starting at the corner of Halsted and Roscoe -- will look at the past decade of anti-LGBT violence to demonstrate that Matthew Shepard was but one of many victims of such violence, and that much more progress still needs to be made for true LGBT freedom. The event is sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network (www.GayLiberation.net).

Open, anti-gay hatred is still "mainstream" enough that Chicago's Museum of Broadcast Communications has chosen to honor Focus on the Family's James Dobson this fall. And for all the focus on Matthew Shepard on this 10th anniversary of his death, it is important to remember that he was one of many victims of anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender hate violence before and since 1998.

For the 10th annual Matthew Shepard march we are proud to have as our keynote speaker Wayne Besen, who is one of the nation's leading activists against Dobson's homophobia and is Executive Director of Truth Wins Out (www.TruthWinsOut.org). Other confirmed speakers include Tonya Unzueta of Radio D'Arte, Greg Baird of Northern Voice (www.northernvoice.com), and Frankie Brown, a victim of anti-LGBT police misconduct in suburban Markham.


Just email us at LGBTliberation@aol.com


Help promote this year's Matthew Shepard March, please download and print out these pdf flyers, posters or 1/4 page handbills below -

Matthew Shepard March 2008 FLYER - POSTER - PLUGGER

Matthew Shepard March 2008 YouTube Promo


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