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How We'll Bring Equal Marriage Rights to Illinois

March on Springfield for Marriage Equlity - Oct 22nd 2013

GLN permalink 8-20-2013

Despite the recent Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage, same-sex couples in Illinois still do not enjoy the 1300+ federal rights that come with marriage.

That is because our legislature – principally Rep. Mike Madigan's House of Representatives – has so far failed to pass SB10, Illinois's marriage rights bill, even though polls show that equal marriage rights supporters in Illinois out-number our opponents by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

Anti-gay activists, especially various religious "leaders," have spread many myths about the equal marriage rights bill. For example, they claim that allowing gays to marry will somehow harm religious rights.

The truth is that anti-gay activists are attempting to divert people's attention from the fact that they are promoting hate and discrimination against gays.

To oppose equal rights for a whole group of people is to promote bigotry, plain and simple. And so it's no accident that most of those same religious leaders who oppose marriage rights for gays, also oppose our equal access to jobs, housing and public accommodations. They are promoting hate, and hiding behind religion as an excuse to do so.

But just because we are right, does not necessarily mean that we will win. The failure of Illinois's equal marriage rights bill this past spring was in part due to complacency – too many people, including our own leaders, saying that equal marriage rights was "inevitable." But the history of all previous struggles for rights shows that they are not simply given to us – we must organize, get out into the streets, and MAKE the politicians and courts implement them.

That is why we urge you to begin making plans rights now to attend the big equal marriage rights rally in Springfield on Tuesday, October 22. NOW is the time to make arrangements to take off of work, school and your other responsibilities. Go to www.MarchOnSpringfield.org for more information on how to get there, etc.

Be part of making LGBT history in Illinois – do not miss this historic event!

Gay Liberation Network


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