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Freedom to Marry Day protest in front of Holy Name Cathedral

GLN permalink 2-11-2013

Picketing outside Holy Name Cathedral.

Love Makes A Family Cardinal George Say "YES" to Gay Marriage!

Cardinal George HATES Gays... Freedom to Marry Day protest.

Freedom to Marry Day protest. Freedom to Marry Day protest.

Your Hate Violates Nature. Gay Babies.

Thank you to all who came out in the rain and cold!! And thank you for standing your ground despite harassment from the police.

Just before the protest began, the cops said that we had to move it across the street from the Cathedral, rather than right in front. They said we needed a permit to have a demonstration, in essence threatening to arrest us if we didn't do as they demanded.

We insisted that we didn't need a permit, and that we would stay in front of the Cathedral -- and everyone stayed there.

Ticket on windshield. Parking Validation.

Unmarked cop car parked illegally in a tow zone.

Later they got their revenge by ticketing our vehicle for "expired meter" even though we paid $6.25 for the privilege of parking legally (see the 2nd last pic). The last frame shows an unmarked cop car parked illegally in a tow zone in front of us.

One law for us, another for them. Serve & protect!

Gay Liberation Network


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