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NEXT ACTION: Saturday, February 14FREEDOM TO MARRY DAY pdf flyer download

GLN permalink posted February 9, 2009

California Decision Coming Up:


On March 5, the California Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments from both pro- and anti-Proposition 8 forces. Within 90 days after that, they are required to rule on whether the anti-gay measure will stand.

What we do right now matters. Courts never admit it, but they DO respond to public pressure. It is our job right now to demonstrate that a pro-Prop 8 decision is politically and socially unacceptable. That there will be hell to pay if civil rights are taken away from a whole class of people.

Whether or not you are LGBT, you have a stake in this battle. The taking away of rights from any group of people threatens the civil rights of everyone. It helps establishes a pattern making it easier to take away other rights, and creates a climate of negativity that is particularly dangerous given the awful economic times we're in.

If you are LGBT, this is an opportunity to make up for what our community failed to do prior to November 4th. Let's not only react AFTER a lousy result, but instead, let's act now and thus actually INFLUENCE the result in a positive direction.

This coming Freedom to Marry Day action – Saturday, Feb. 14 – is directly aimed at furthering that objective. Let's stop just reacting to what the bigots do to us and our community. Let's take action to move this country in a positive direction.

So email, Facebook, twitter your friends to BE THERE:

11 AM Sharp

Saturday, February 14th

118 N. Clark Street, Chicago.

For more information contact the Gay Liberation Network at LGBTliberation@aol.com or Join The Impact at Jointheimpactchicago@gmail.com or phone 773.209.1187

Promote FREEDOM TO MARRY DAY with these PDF Downloads:

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