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"Day Without a Gay" Protest Swarms Marriage License Bureau

A few hundred besieged the Cook County Marriage License Bureau on Wednesday to demand that the county immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.

"Day Without a Gay" emphasized the working class econmic rights that are routinely denied lesbians and gays becuase we don't have the right to marry – things like social security and pension survivor's benefits, access to a spouse's health insurance, theability have two legally reconized parents for ones kids, etc.

While the relative handful of wealthier same-sex couples can afford to hire attorneys to cobble together a web of contracts to mimic some of the legal protections of civil marriage, this isn't an option for most working class couples, particularly in the current economic crisis.

After rallying outside for a while, the protest went en masse to the County Marriage License Bureau in the concourse level of the Daley Center, chanting the whole way.

As one of the OutWorld.TV videos below shows, it made at least one bigot go bizzerk, screaming to demand that we all get arrested.

One Deputy Commander John Keating showed up. Keating was the one who directed the felony arrest of GLN's Andy Thayer at an anti-Bush action back in January (the trial for that is now scheduled for March 24, 2009).

After visiting the marriage license bureau, a few hundred marched over to join the Republic Windows and Doors solidarity picket at the Bank of America regional headquarters on LaSalle Street across the street from the Board of Trade.

At the B of A building, GLN's Bob Schwartz was one of those who addressed the labor rally. Besides marching with Dr. King in Georgia and Chicago, Bob was a co-founder of an AFSCME local in his workplace of county workers before his retirement.

Below are video, more pics and stories of the "Day Without a Gay" event from various outlets. The action was initiated locally by www.JoinTheImpact.com and the Gay Liberation Network, and was co-sponsored by Amigas Latinas; Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism; Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches; DuPage NOW; Hammerhard MediaWorks; Illinois NOW; International Socialist Organization; Kenosha-Racine LGBT Chamber of Commerce; Ifti Nasim, international gay activist and poet; Oak Park Coalition for Truth & Justice; Pledge of Resistance; and Sankofa Way.

Day Without a Gay Pictures & Videos

Chicago Indymedia - Pictures & Story

Videos on OutWorld TV:

Photos by Marc Felion - Taken at the Day without a Gay Demonstration at City Hall in downtown Chicago, Wed. Dec. 10, 2008. - listen to the Feast of Fools podcast: www.feastoffools.net


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