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Wednesday, Dec. 10th:


We invite all who support legal equality for the LGBT community to join us next Wednesday, International Human Rights Day, for "A Day Without A Gay."

This is part of a national day of action coordinated by www.JoinTheImpact.com protesting discrimination against LGBT people, especially California's Proposition 8.

Here in Chicago, we'll be gathering at 11 AM (note the new time*) on Wednesday, Dec. 10 in front of the Cook County Marriage License Bureau, 118 N. Clark Street, Chicago.

WHY "A Day Without a Gay" ??

*** LGBT people contribute an estimated $700 billion annually to the economy of the United States (ironically, roughly the same amount as the recent government bail-out of Wall Street!).

*** So far, our government and many businesses have been happy to take accept our contributions to the economy, but Congress and the President have never granted a single right to LGBT people on a national scale. On Wednesday, Dec. 10th many supporters of equal rights intend to return the favor by not making any economic contributions on that day -- taking the day off of work and not buying anything all day.

*** In California, our equal right to marry -- so critical to getting a host of economic rights -- has been cruelly ripped away from us by Proposition 8. Equal marriage rights brings with it over 1300 rights at the federal level alone, and yet same-sex couples even in the two states that still give marriage licenses to us cannot access these 1300 rights.

*** December 10th is the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has since been recognized around the world as "International Human Rights Day." Legal equality and LGBT rights are human rights, so what could be more appropriate?

*** LGBT people around the world face hate, discrimination and violence. After years of war and other negative attacks on international human rights by our government, what could be a more appropriate alternative than gays in the U.S. making a POSITIVE contribution to the world by helping WINNING some human rights!!

Please join us for Chicago's "Day Without A Gay" event:

11 AM Sharp

Wednesday, Dec. 10th

In front of the Cook County Marriage License Bureau118 N. Clark Street

As the lesbian comedian / activist Robin Tyler remarked many years ago, "If homosexuality is disease, we should all call in sick to work." So call in "gay" to work next Wednesday, and join us in front of the County Marriage License Bureau! More information about the national day of action can be found at http://daywithoutagay.org/

Would YOU like to help make "Day Without a Gay" a success?

Here are some suggestions on what you can do:

1) Make some posters and bring them next Wednesday!

2) More ambitious? Host a poster making party at your home or, if you can get away with it (!), your workplace. Call Andy at 773.209.1187 if you're doing this so we can help you get other people to attend and help out.

3) Forward this message all over the place! To list serves, friends, etc. Facebook and Myspace it! Call people and make a direct appeal to attend!

4) Download a flyer and post it in your neighborhood stores and bulletin boards. A pdf flyer can be found at the following URL:


5) CALL the Cook County Marriage License Bureau at 312-630-7990 and demand that they begin respecting the Equal Protection Clause of the Illinois State Constitution by immediately beginning to issue marriage licenses to those same sex couples who want them.

And, most definitely, join us

11 AM* Sharp, Wednesday, December 10th

118 N. Clark Street, Chicago

(across the street from Daley Plaza)

For more information about activities around the country, go to: www.DayWithoutAGay.org

* We recently learned that the hours of the marriage license bureau have changed so that they're closed from 12 noon to 2 pm, and so the protest's start time has been changed from 12 noon to 11 AM.

For more information about Chicago's event, contact the Gay Liberation Network by going to www.GayLiberation.net, emailing LGBTliberation@aol.com or calling 773.209.1187


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