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ALL OUT! for the May Day march this Saturday! Join the LGBT contingent!!

GLN permalink 4-28-2010

This year's big May Day march for immigrants' and workers' rights is taking on greater urgency in the wake of the anti-immigrant bill SB 1070 passed in Arizona late last week. The law is widely seen as promoting racial profiling of Latinos, the state's largest minority (in a state that used to part of Mexico!).

Besides racial profiling, a particularly noxious provision of Arizona's SB 1070 is its criminalization of anyone who does not report undocumented immigrants in their midst - effectively trying to turn teachers, healthcare workers, neighbors, religious advisers and others into agents of the government. LGBT activists with an international viewpoint will note the parallels this provision has to that of a noxious anti-gay bill currently pending in Uganda. The Ugandan bill threatens criminal penalties against those who don't report Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals to the authorities.

In signing the anti-immigrant bill, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer claimed she did so because "it represents what is best for Arizona." But not only does Brewer's "Arizona" not encompass immigrants or Latinos, it also apparently doesn't include Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals. Governor Brewer, who has said "God has placed me in this powerful position," last year nixed domestic partners health benefits for state employees who are part of same-sex couples (Read Article - State drops domestic-partner benefits).

Lesbians & Gays SUPPORT immigrant rights!

For the sake of solidarity not only with immigrants and Latinos in general, but also immigrants and Latinos within the LGBT community, please join the Gay Liberation Network and other groups in an LGBT contingent at this year's May Day march - just look for the blue banner (see above) and Rainbow flags, or call 773.209.1187:

Saturday, May 1st
1 PM - rally at Union Park
(Union Park is just south of the Green and Pink el lines' "Ashland" stop at Ashland Avenue and Lake Street)
3 PM - march from Union Park to the Loop

For pictures and analysis of a Monday night immigrant rights protest at the Broadview Detention Center by GLN's Andy Thayer, click HERE.


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