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ALERT: Uganda's "Kill-the-Gays" Bill is Back!

GLN permalink 11-30-2012

Uganda Protest

The infamous "kill-the-gays" bill promoted by U.S. evangelicals in Uganda is back, with the speaker of the country's parliament promising to pass it as a "Christmas gift" to the nation.

As the Huffington Post reports, the bill "would incarcerate LGBT people, sometimes for life; punish same-sex Ugandan couples marrying abroad with lifetime prison sentences when they return home; outlaw all advocacy on behalf of LGBT people, including the provision of medical care, lodging and basic services; and require citizens to report to the police any LGBT people they know. (Failing to do so would constitute "aiding and abetting homosexuality," a crime that would carry a 7-year jail sentence.)"

There have been several contradictory reports about whether the bill will include a provision for the death penalty as it has in the past, but regardless, the bill must meet overwhelming opposition right now.

Please call or fax the Ugandan embassy TODAY to protest:
Tel: (202) 726-7100
Fax: (202) 726-1727

Gay Liberation Network


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