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This is OUR City
-- not Glenn Beck's or Sarah Palin's

Protest the Tea Party Bigots

11:45 AM, April 15
Daley Plaza
Corner of Dearborn Street & Washington Blvd

GLN permalink 4-9-2010

On April 15, tea party activists will rally at the Daley Plaza. Incited by Fox News goon Glenn Beck and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, these fake grassroots activists are useful tools for corporate America's political agenda - including opposition to public funding of any kind for human needs, from health care to education.

While claiming to be for "small" government and limited spending, they cheer on U.S. war spending at the current rate of $2 billion dollars a day - almost 60% of the federal budget. They support the Obama administration's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. They have no problem with spending even more to expand war into Somalia and Yemen, threaten war against Iran, or interfere in Latin American countries such as Honduras and Venezuela.

Bigotry saturates tea party protests. In March, tea partiers called Georgia Rep. John Lewis a "n****r. Lewis, a civil rights movement veteran viciously beaten by a white mob in 1961, was outside the U.S. Capitol building as protesters began chanting "Kill the bill, kill the bill" at him. When Lewis told them "I'm for the bill," people chanted, "Kill the bill, n****r." "It was a chorus," said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), who heard the chants. "In a way, I feel sorry for those people who are doing this nasty stuff -- they're being whipped up." Another protester spat on Cleaver, who is also Black.

Tea partiers have called gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) "f****t" and taunted him with "lisping" chants. They have systematically hazed sick and disabled people trying to testify at healthcare meetings, and their anti-immigrant and anti-Latino signs cross the line into open racism. Sarah Palin herself has referred to indigenous people as "Arctic Arabs," and said "So Sambo beat the bitch" when Barak Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party presidential primary.

Chicago is a city of African-Americans, immigrant workers and union members. Large and politically active Mexican, Puerto Rican, Arab, Muslim and LGBT communities make their homes here. We have a long tradition of fighting for progressive political change -- from the Underground Railroad and the Haymarket Martyrs to massive marches for immigrant rights and undocumented people. Let's stand together on April 15 against these right-wing extremists.

Please join the Gay Liberation Network and many other groups as we call on all progressive-minded people and organizations to join us to protest the tea party bigots on tax day.

Don't let the bigots take over our city.

11:45 AM, April 15
Daley Plaza | corner of Dearborn Street & Washington Blvd

For info or to endorse the counter-protest, please email CCAWR@aol.com.

Help spread the word by joining our Facebook event:

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