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The Gay Games Are Here --

Show Your PRIDE & Oppose Anti-Gay Bigots!

Every time our community makes an advance out of the closet, our opponents do their best to spoil the party. The Gay Games are no exception:

1) This Saturday, July 15th, anti-gay bigots are protesting the Gay Games by holding a Saturday press conference at the viciously anti-union Congress Hotel (hey creeps, get a CLUE -- there's a reason why you got the room cheaply -- there's a BOYCOTT of the hotel on!). Fortunately, the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches has called for a PRO-gay presence outside of the hotel. The Gay Liberation Network applauds this initiative from the Welcoming Churches and strongly encourages everyone to join them at this event:

3 PM, Saturday, July 15 in front of the Congress Hotel, 520 S. Michigan Ave.

2) This Sunday, July 16th, travel with GLNers up to the rowing competition in Crystal Lake. Anti-gay protesters haven't announced specific plans for a protest there yet, but given the past history of their protests in the town, it's likely we will face anti-gay opposition. Come to the Games in Crystal Lake on Sunday, and if the bigots don't show, just enjoy the free event and beautiful scenery by the lake. Limited transportation is available from the North Side of Chicago. If you need a ride, please call 773.209.1187 ASAP.

3) On Saturday, July 22nd, the Illinois "Family" Institute (IFI) plans to invade Halsted Street for a protest. This is like the White Citizens Council visiting Harlem.

The IFI is notorious for opposing equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans people on every single front -- the right to equal employment opportunities, equal housing, equal marriage rights, and equal access to public accommodations. If we have ANY self-respect as a community, we cannot take such an affront lying down. We strongly urge all pro-gay forces to have a LARGE pro-gay presence against these bigots invading the heart of the gay community. Besides GLN, the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches is also planning to have a presence.

Please help tell these bigots that their hatred is NOT welcome in our community:

5:30 PM, Saturday, July 22 in front of Steamworks, 3246 N. Halsted.


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