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Last call-out for Pride Weekend & Next Tuesday's Protest Against the "Ex-Gay" Movement!

Help us insert some grass-roots political messages into the Pride weekend! For several years now we have marched in both the Dyke March and the Pride Parade -- please join us as the more people we have, the more ability we'll have to communicate with some of the 200,000+ people who come to the parade and march!

At both events we'll be focussed on promoting our Tuesday, June 27th protest against national conference of Exodus International, the largest group in the so-called "ex-gay movement." Exodus claims that it brings "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ." Nutty, yes, but unfortunately, also very influential. President Bush recently feted them at the White House.

To join GLN at the Dyke March, Saturday, June 24th, just look for the brand new red banner advertising the protest against Exodus. The march steps off from a parking lot behind the school located at the corner of Foster and Ashland Avenues. While GLNers will be there starting at 12:30 PM to pass out literature advertising the Exodus protest, the actual march doesn't begin until 2 PM.

To join GLN at the Pride Parade, Sunday, June 25th, please meet us at 11 AM at the corner of Diversey and Halsted (3 blocks east of the "Diversey" stop on the Brown Line "el"). Joining us in the GLN contingent this year will be:

Black LGBT People & Allies For EqualityChicago Area CodePINKChicago A.N.S.W.E.R.Chicago branch of the Industrial Workers of the WorldLeague for the Revolutionary PartyPomegranate Health Care CollectiveSankofa WayWorld Can't Wait

The Tuesday, June 27th protest against Exodus International is at 7 PM in Marion, IN, which is about 3 hours drive from Chicago. Transportation from Chicago IS still available, but please call Bob Schwartz ASAP at 773-878-3697 to reserve a space.


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