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Oppose Homophobic & Racist "Ultimate Warrior" at DePaul April 4th

Reaching a new low in public "discourse," the DePaul University Republicans are bringing in a former "pro wrestler" who has reinvented himself on the college lecture circuit as a professional homophobe. A protest against "The Warrior" (his legal name) is being organized by DePaul Students Against the War and the Activist Student Union. The Gay Liberation Network encourages all who oppose hate speech to express their free speech in opposition. Here is a portion of the DePaul students' message about their protest:

DePaul Students Against the War and the Activist Student Union are calling on all those who stand for Queer Liberation, a Just Peace and for and end to Racism to demonstrate against the Homophobic and Racist Ultimate Warrior.

April 4th, Tuesday

4:30 PM - Rally against Hate- DePaul's Lincoln Park student Center- Belden and Sheffield, near the Statue of Fr. Egan.

5:00 PM - "Warrior" will speak in Room 314b of the student center. The lecture is free and open to all. We encourage all to watch the Warrior closely for when he violates the student handbooks rules against harassment.

The Ultimate Warrior, a WWF superstar, might be remembered by many as the masked wrestler who battled Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania, but few know about his ultra-right wing and homophobic views. Since retiring from Wrestling, the admitted steroid abuser has hit the college circuit, preaching hate.

The Warrior (his legal name) was asked to appear on "Byte This!" a TV show about wrestling. In his rejection of the show he said, "Order the queer and the cripple who host the show to read what I have written here..."

At an appearance at the University of Connecticut, Warrior lamented that multiculturalism and tolerance has resulted in a society where "the bum is as legitimate as the businessman..., that queers are as legitimate as heterosexuals..., that Kwanza is just as legitimate as Santa Claus and Christmas." When asked to explain his view that that homosexuality is illegitimate Warrior said, "because queering doesn't make the world work."

He told a gay student to "take that object out of your mouth when speaking to me"

Warrior mocked a woman upset at his homophobic remarks and told her "Don't have an orgasm honey."

When an Iranian student asked the Warrior a question, Warrior told the student to "get a towel."

Warrior then played a video of himself ripping an Iraqi flag to pieces.

The Warrior speech was so out of line that the UConn Republicans issued a public apology stating, "We brought the Ultimate Warrior to campus because we wanted to host a thought-provoking discussion from an individual who would appeal to a broader range of students than normal, given his background. Sadly, the Warrior's presentation accomplished none of these goals and we were horrified like most of the UConn community by the display."

The Ultimate Warrior would have you think that this is all just being politically incorrect, that we are "girly-men" who aren't allowing him to speak his mind. The fact is that his statements are part of a right-wing agenda which discriminates against innocent people though the free trade agreements Warrior promotes on his website to the depriving of homosexuals of their rights. It's outrageous that Warrior claims that it's politically incorrect to gay-bash in a country where gay marriage is outlawed, and homophobes control all three federal branches of government, and homophobic preachers are allowed to protest at funerals.

Further his statements are clearly forms of harassment, as outlined in the DePaul University Student Handbook. The DePaul Republicans, as outlined in the Student Handbook, are required to not bring any speaker which will harass students or disrupt the learning environment.

Which is why DePaul Students Against the War and the Activist Student Union are calling on all those who stand for Queer Liberation, a Just Peace and for and end to Racism to demonstrate against this Ultimate Homophobe and Racist.

Come dressed as a left wing wrestler- "The Commie Commando" "Feminist Fury" "Anarchist Attack" "Socialist Slam" "Captain Queero", "Iraqi Insurgent", "Subcomadante Marcos" or any other ideas you have. We also need a referee to watch the Warrior's violation of DePaul's Harassment policies.



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