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March With the Free Bradley Manning Contingent @ Gay Pride!

Sunday, June 24, 2012
11 AM in front of the new Target at 4500 N. Broadway
1 block south of the "Wilson" Red Line el station

GLN permalink 6-19-2012

Bradley Manning is an LGBT person imprisoned for allegedly leaking the trove of U.S. diplomatic communications published by Wikileaks.

These leaks exposed the rampant cynicism of American foreign policy, regardless of administration, and the United States' intimate relationships with brutal dictators and human rights abusers around the world.

Despite vehement protests by Secretary of State Clinton and others that the leaks "threatened lives," not a single case of injury or death has been linked to the disclosures. On the contrary, the leaks are widely credited with helping spur the "Arab Spring" of rebellions across North Africa by exposing the dirty dealings of close American allies in the region.

Manning's other "crime" was the alleged release of a U.S. military video showing the July 12, 2007 slaughter in Iraq of two Reuters journalists and several other civilians. Despite clear evidence of a war crime comparable in its brazenness to the infamous My Lai massacre of the Vietnam War, no U.S. military personnel were disciplined, let alone put on trial for the Reuters incident ... aside from Manning.

For several months the Obama administration imprisoned Manning in conditions that many international human rights observers said was akin to torture. Indeed, even State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley in March condemned Manning's manner of confinement was "ridiculous, counter-productive and stupid." And for this truth-telling did Crowley get a Nobel Prize? No, Obama fired him.

While the conditions of Manning's imprisonment have improved considerably - thanks to the international protest which prompted Crowley's remarks - Manning is still facing a potentially very long prison sentence and perhaps the death penalty.

It is the duty of gay rights activists - indeed human rights activists of any description - to demand the release of Pvt. Bradley Manning. Please join the Free Bradley Manning contingent in this year's Pride Parade!

March With the Free Bradley Manning Contingent @ Gay Pride!

Due to the changed route of this year's march, we will be meeting at 11 AM at 4500 N. Broadway, in front of the new Target (look for the Free Bradley Manning posters).

Support the contingent by joining the Facebook event and sharing it with your friends!


For more info please call 773.209.1187, which will also be the "day of" cell phone contact number for the contingent.

Gay Liberation Network


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