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UPDATED Pride Parade Information

GLN permalink 6-24-2010

Three important pieces of Pride Parade news:

1) Credale Woulard, an apparent Trans person, was murdered Sunday night or early Monday morning in what appears to be a hate crime. While the Sun-Times referred to Woulard as "he," Woulard wore a dress and had purse, out of which no money was stolen, suggesting that the murder may have been a hate crime. No media accounts we have seen have even suggested that anti-LGBT hate might be the motive for the crime.

We will have signs at the parade calling attention to Woulard's murder, which shows that vicious anti-LGBT hate is a continuing problem in our city.

2) A few days ago we were informed by the Pride Parade Committee about where will be lining up for the parade next Sunday, June 27th.

In contrast to earlier messages we sent out, we will now be meeting at the northeast corner of WELLINGTON Ave and Halsted (NOT Diversey Pkwy as earlier reported).
The address is 3001 N. Halsted Street.

We ask that people be there at 11 AM. We strongly encourage people to take public transportation, and give yourself extra time to get there because of the crowds. With a reported 450,000 people attending previous years, parking and traffic are very bad.

By far the best way to get there is by el. If you absolutely must drive, drive to a train stop and then take the train the rest of the way.

There are two ways to get there by el --

a) Take the Brown Line to the Wellington Stop. Exit the train station and walk about three blocks east (towards the lake) to the corner of Halsted & Wellington.


b) Take the Red Line to the Belmont Stop. Exit the station and walk one very long block east (towards the lake) to Clark Street. Turn right on Clark Street and walk about 1 long block southeast to Halsted Street. Take a gentle right turn on Halsted and walk one short block south to Wellington Avenue.

3) We are delighted to announce that our Gay Liberation Network contingent in this Sunday's Pride Parade will be joined by the Coalition for Justice & Respect and Chicago Area CodePINK!

The URL for it is: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136213449726591

Cell phone contact for the day is 773.209.1187 in case you can't find us. Keep your ringer on vibrate or else you'll miss all your calls amidst the noise!


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