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Moscow Pride 2009 SIDE-BAR:

Pre-Dawn, Day of the Action

Saturday, May 16

GLN permalink posted May 18, 2009

After jet-lag and several nights short of sleep, now damned insomnia.

The first glows of dawn began peeking up over the trees a few minutes ago, though at these latitudes, that probably means that "real" morning still isn't coming for a considerable time yet.

On the plus side - if the police had discovered our location and were going to raid us, this would be the time they'd most likely do it. Instead I appear to be the only one awake, and while writing this now might seem like getting "the first draft of history" out the door in a particularly timely fashion, the reality is that my Russian hosts won't be able to give me an internet connection until well after the conclusion of today's action - the middle of the evening at best.

Second plus side - it's nearly impossible to get a shower in this place filled with dozens of other men and women with a hot water heater that requires a considerable recovery time between each and every short shower. But unlike almost everyone else, I'm going to get a shower this morning - the first draft of history will have to wait until I get an internet connection anyway.

The first birds of dawn have just begun calling. When one of my Russian hosts told me a few days ago what this breed of birds is called, I thought she said that they were called "God Suckers," which struck even me as atheistic gay man to be particularly sacrilegious. After much laughter, I was correctly informed that they're called "Goat Suckers." So there you go, Mom, Nancy, Tracey and Allison, I even learned something about ornithology during my first trip to Russia. Bet you didn't think that I had that in me.

- Andy Thayer


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