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LGBTQ Rights Rally In Joliet

Saturday, July 18
2:00 PM
Meet at CAAN Community Center
68 N Chicago St. in Joliet, IL

GLN permalink posted June 25, 2009

Chicago is not the only place where LGBTQ activism is needed. Come out to downtown Joliet for a LGBTQ Rights Rally in support of local, state, and federal changes that would ensure the civil rights of LGBTQ folks.

This event is a great opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon giving visibility to LGBTQ activism where it's really needed. Invite your friends, and make a day of it. We want to have a real crowd pressing for recognition and acceptance in an area where Illinois representatives need the public pressure that this event will create. So make sure you're there!

We will meet at the CAAN Community Center, hear speakers address the issues of safe schools, civil unions, the Defense of Marriage Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and Trans rights, then march through downtown Joliet and end our march at Joliet's City Hall.

We hope to get a large group from Chicago to caravan and/or take the Metra (rally location is 2 blocks from station). Don't be afraid of taking the Metra--it's over an hour one way, but it would be a great way to get to know other activists for LGBTQ rights.

If you are willing to drive, please contact Erica Chu through Facebook or email. The Metra train from Chicago's La Salle Street Station (414 South La Salle St) leaves at 12:30 and gets to Joliet before 2. After the march, the train leaves Joliet at 4:24 and arrives in Chicago at 5:45. Tickets are $5 for a weekend pass (good both ways and available from the counter or on the train). For more info, see the Metra schedule. http://www.metrarail.com/Sched/ri/ri.shtml

Community Alliance and Action Network (Joliet)

DOWNLOAD - PDF FLYER for LGBTQ Rights Rally in Joliet


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