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GLN permalink 3-4-2013

Community Gathering March 6 from 5-7pm 4544 N Broadway Chicago

Monday, March 4, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois - Hundreds of protesters will rally in front of the office 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman on Wednesday, March 6, from 5pm to 7pm at 4544 N. Broadway, Chicago. The rally will address several issues that Cappleman has publicly targeted such as the ousting of a Salvation Army truck that feeds the homeless and the closings of transitional living quarters such as the Chateau Hotel and the Wilson Mens Hotel. Cappleman also awarded a permit to an Indiana farmer who had been capturing pigeons in Uptown, and illegally transporting them to Indiana for sport killings. The event posted on Facebook is titled, "Alderman Cappleman - We Will Feed the Hungry in Uptown" has over 2,000 invites with over 200 people that have confirmed they will attend.

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Concerning the Salvation Army truck controversy, Captain Nancy Powers, Salvation Army Corp Officer states that, "We've asked Alderman Cappleman for a follow-up meeting concerning the truck situation but we've yet to hear back from him. We hope that he's sincere in his latest statements that he welcomes our services in the Upton area." Organizers reached out to Cappleman's Chief of Staff, Tressa Feher, stated, "We haven't heard from Capt. Powers about furthering our meetings. The Alderman will be in his office during the protest but we're uncertain if he'll address the rally."

Rally co-organizer and volunteer for Rogers Park Food Not Bombs, Peter Hoy explains, "We're an international movement that believes food is a fundamental human right. Local chapters of Food Not Bombs stand in solidarity with the people of Uptown and will share meals in the ward to protest the Alderman's war on the poor. If they kick out the Salvation Army, we will be there to make sure the meals don't stop."

Fellow organizer and CEO of Queer Fest America, Lair Scott, has utilized every Uptown social service, including the Uptown Salvation Army. Today marks Scott's 5th year of being independent of lifting himself out of chronic homelessness says that, "Rumors have flown that this might be a LGBTQ issue with the Alderman, which it's far from the truth. I would like to see Mr. Cappleman spend a weekend along with a Monday and go through the Uptown homeless process and then he'll know the rally means business." Scott adds that, "It's sad that he wants to target the poor and this protest will represent only the beginning of many protests to come."

For further information, contact Lair Scott at 224-221-9213.

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