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Bradley Manning

1000 Days in Prison for Doing the Right Thing!

GLN permalink 2-11-2013

February 23rd marks 1000 days in prison for Bradley Manning - a young gay man locked up for allegedly leaking the U.S. diplomatic communications published by Wikileaks.

Bradley Manning Free Bradley Manning

These leaks exposed rampant criminality in American foreign policy - but President Obama has chosen to imprison the alleged leaker, Manning, rather than those who committed violent war crimes such as massacring journalists and other civilians in Iraq.

For exposing these crimes, Manning deserves honor and praise rather than imprisonment.

His alleged leaks helped spur the "Arab Spring" of rebellions across North Africa by exposing the dirty dealings of the Bush and Obama administrations with dictators in the region.

They showed that the Obama administration knew of the impending coup against Honduras's elected government in 2009, yet did nothing to stop it, let alone the wave of violence initiated by the coup regime once it took over.

>From Russia to Saudi Arabia to Iran, the leaks show that both Obama and Bush have consistently promoted American domination over the world versus human rights. Adding insult to injury, Obama has taken Bush's expansion of the national security state to truly frightening proportions, prosecuting more whistle-blowers like Manning than every previous administration combined.

Free Bradley Manning banner in pride parade

At 12 noon on Saturday, Feb. 23rd join us as we join cities around the world to protest the Obama administration's continuing prosecution of Bradley Manning!

Bradley Manning holds a sign for equality.

For more information or to endorse this protest, email the Gay Liberation Network at LGBTliberation@aol.com

Gay Liberation Network


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