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GLN permalink 3-5-2012

In keeping with the Gay Liberation Network's mission of not just organizing for LGBT rights, but working in solidarity with all working against injustices, we urge you to join in this important solidarity action:

Rally and March to Defend Civil Liberties

Saturday, March 10th
12 Noon
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington Street

No to Indefinite Detention without a Trial

- Stop Islamophobia

Defend Immigrant Rights

- End Deportations

Stop FBI Repression of Anti War Activists

- Solidarity is Not a Crime

Support Freedom of Dissent

- Defend the Right to Protest Against NATO/G8

End Criminalization of Blacks and Latinos

- Reparations for Black & Latino Victims of Chicago Police Torture

March 10th is the 6th anniversary of the massive march for immigrant rights that launched the national movement. Now those mostly Latino communities are facing up to 400,000 deportations annually. The Black and Latino communities are relentlessly targeted by the police and courts. Arab and Muslim communities are targeted by government policies driven by the so-called "war on terror." Repression of First Amendment freedoms of speech and assembly have seen 6000 arrests of Occupy Wall Street protestors, and anti-war and international solidarity activists such as Carlos Montes are being criminalized.

Join us. Add your voice. Tell President Obama, the Department of Justice, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the City of Chicago and its Police Department that we know our rights and we will defend them.

Sponsored by:
American Muslims for Palestine, Arab American Action Network, Chicago Coalition to Defend the Bill of Rights, Chicago Movement for Palestinian Rights, Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda, Coalition to Protect People's Rights, Committee Against Political Repression, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, Council on American Islamic Relations, Gay Liberation Network, Immigrant Youth Justice League, Muslim Peace Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago, World Can't Wait - Chicago

Gay Liberation Network


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