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October 11th -- National day of Pre-Election Protests Against the Wars

The Gay Liberation Network is proud to be taking an active role promoting and participating in the national day of anti-war activities on Saturday, October 11th. Here are the details of the call for Chicago's event:

Stop War For Empire

Bring ALL Troops

Home Now!

Out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan • No War on Iran • End the Occupation of Palestine

OCTOBER 11th marks SIX YEARS since Congress gave President Bush a blank check authorization to invade Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of occupying forces remain there, and the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates are committed to permanent U.S. military bases in the country, despite the wishes of the Iraqi people.

It’s been six years since the Iraq War authorization and the wars have gotten wider still. Over 1 million Iraqis are dead, and this year more U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan than any year since that war began. American special forces are operating inside Iran as the U.S. makes repeated threats of full scale war against that country. Now U.S. troops are invading and launching missiles into Pakistan against the express wishes of the Pakistani people and government.

At the end of June Congress gave $162 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now is on the eve of giving an astounding $700 billion more to bail out Wall Street. They are using the billions from our taxes for war funding and corporate bailouts, rather than funding jobs, healthcare, education, and other social services for all. Instead, they are scapegoating immigrant communities with government raids and deportations.

On the 6th anniversary of Congress’s war authorization, join us for a peace mobilization in Chicago’s Pakistani-American neighborhood:

2 PM, Saturday, Oct. 11th

Corner of Devon Avenue & Leavitt Street

2200 W. Devon Avenue, Chicago

Help us make a pre-election demand of ALL candidates

running this election year:

  • No more death & destruction — bring ALL the troops home now!
  • Legalize the undocumented / Stop the raids and deportations
  • Fund human needs, not wars abroad and Wall Street bailouts at home.

Initiated by the October 11th Ad Hoc Mobilization for Peace

Co-sponsors (list in formation): 8th Day Center for Justice; Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice; ANSWER Chicago; Chicago Area CodePINK; Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism; Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights; Chicago Democratic Socialists of America; Chicago Labor Against the War; Coalition of Pakistani Organizations - Chicago; Comite Anti-Militarizacion; Cook County Green Party; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; Friends of Leon Berger; Gay Liberation Network; International Socialist Organization; International Solidarity Movement-Chicago chapter; Mayan Calendar News; Near West Citizens for Peace & Justice; Neighors for Peace; Nicaragua Solidarity Network; North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice; Pakistani Democratic Forum; Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago; Pax Christie St. Gertrude's; Peace Pledge Chicago; World Can't Wait - Chicago Chapter

For more information, email CCAWR@aol.com


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