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The Threat of War On Iran

The last few weeks have seen more belligerent statements out of the Bush White House hinting at war on Iran, and the forced retirement and reshuffling of military figures thought to be critical of such a war.

The death and destruction of a new war on Iran – three times as populous as neighboring Iraq – could make the current Iraq and Afghanistan wars pale by comparison. Moreover, unlike Iraq, which had been devastated by a previous U.S. war and a decade's worth of crippling international sanctions, Iran has far greater capacity to inflict damage on U.S. attackers.

Unfortunately, none of Bush's likely successors are pre-empting the current administration's talk of war by calling it out for the dangerous and irresponsible chatter that it is. And just because a wider war seems totally illogical and irresponsible, doesn't mean that the U.S. government won't launch it. In 1970, well after internal assessments had already concluded that the U.S. had lost the Vietnam War, then-President Nixon nonetheless broadened the war to include Cambodia and Laos.

What YOU Can Do

To Stop a New War

At 11:30 AM on Tuesday, May 13 in Room 201-A of City Hall (121 N. LaSalle Street), Chicagoans will have an opportunity to begin raising awareness about the threat of war on Iran. On that day, the Chicago City Council will hold a hearing on a Council resolution to oppose a new war. Please come to the hearing and help pressure the Council to become the largest city in the nation to pass such a resolution at its full meeting the next day. While resolutions in and of themselves do little to stop wars, they can be useful tools to help publicize the issues and thus get more people involved in organizing against a new war.

The Gay Liberation Network will proudly host a representative from Chicago's No War on Iraq Coalition, the principal sponsor of the City Council resolution, on our regular monthly television show -- 6:30 PM, Friday, May 9th on Chicago Cable Channel 21. Please be sure to tune in!

Stop a war on Iran!


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