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Join the LGBT Contingent At Wednesday's Big Anti-War March!

This Wednesday, March 19 marks the 5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, making it the second longest war in U.S. history.

Join us in protest against the continuing war with rally at Chicago's Federal Plaza (corner of Dearborn & Adams Streets) at 6 PM, Wednesday, March 19, followed by a march to the Gold Coast kicking off at 7 PM. The Gay Liberation Network is organizing an LGBT contingent for the march – join it by meeting us underneath the Federal Plaza's red Calder Statute at 6:45 PM – just look for the rainbow flags.

The next day, Thursday, March 20, there will be a day of creative actions throughout the downtown and metro area followed by a 5 PM permitted "Convergence" at the Federal Plaza, corner of Adams & Dearborn, Chicago.

The devastation of 5 years of war on Iraq, and continuing wars in Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine are bad enough. Last week we received news that lends a special urgency to anti-war actions.

Now, with the apparently forced resignation of a key U.S. military official who had stood up to the Bush administration's threats of war on Iran, the anti-war movement in the U.S. must directly confront the very real possibility of a new U.S. war this spring or summer – this time on Iran (click here for details).

Such a war could make the devastation of Iraq and Afghanistan pale by comparison. Iran has about three times the population of Iraq, and has much greater capability to exact revenge on attacking U.S. forces.

All of the military hardware is in place. The leading presidential candidates and politicians are predictably silent about the threat of war on Iran (indeed, each has threatened war on Iran themselves over the past few years).

If we are going to stop the current wars, and prevent an even more cruel new one, the peace movement needs assert itself to force the politicians away from war. Please join us this Wednesday and Thursday and make your personal contribution to peace.


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