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March 19-20: 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War Actively Oppose This Immoral War!

On the 5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Gay Liberation Network and dozens of other local organizations have joined together in a coalition to protest and resist the ongoing obscenity of this war:

– a war promoted entirely on lies

– America's 2nd longest war, with no end in sight

– a war and occupation opposed by the overwhelming majority of Iraqis, not to mention millions of people around the globe

– a war which has shoveled millions into the hands of private war contractors like Halliburton and Blackwater, while public healthcare, transportation and education are starved for funds

On Wednesday, March 19th the theme will be Protesting against the war, with a permitted rally at Chicago's Federal Plaza, corner of Adams and Dearborn Streets, at 6 PM, followed by a 7 PM march to the Michigan Avenue "Gold Coast."

** The Gay Liberation Network is organizing an LGBTQ contingent in the march to the Gold Coast. We will be meeting underneath the big red Calder Statue on Federal Plaza at 6:45 PM during the rally (look for the rainbow flags!) so that there will be a visible LGBTQ presence in the march.

** Prior to the 6 PM rally, there will be a radical queer feeder march which will be going to the rally. Details of the feeder march aren't available at this time, but we will publicize them once they become available.

On Thursday, March 20th, the theme will be Resisting the war, with various acts of creative resistance by groups and individuals around Chicago. This will culminate in a 5 PM, permitted "Convergence" at Federal Plaza. Whether or not you are participating in the actions earlier in the day, we invite you to join us at the Convergence to celebrate resistance against the war.

Much more information about the two days' events, including video and audio flyers, pdfs of posters and handbills in 4 different languages, etc. is available at the coalition's website, www.chicagomassaction.org


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