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Say “NO” to War Profiteers!

Saturday, Aug. 11 Protest Against Blackwater North

IMPORTANT: Reserve your spot on the bus immediately (details below)

Blackwater is one of the largest “private” military contractors in Iraq – supported almost entirely with taxpayer money. Abuses of Iraqis by American contractors receive even less scrutiny than those commited by uniformed soldiers.

Blackwater recently began leasing a training facility in Jo Davies County in northwestern Illinois as it expands its reach – at taxpayer expense. The University of Illinois recently signed a contract with Blackwater.

Join the 1st Protest Against Blackwater North!

Please help local activists say “NO” to war profiteering by Blackwater, 2-4 PM outside their facility in Jo Davies County. A bus will be leaving from Grant Park in downtown Chicago to go to the protest. It is vital that you reserve your spot on it right away. Please phone in your reservation to Siobhan at 630-270-8520, or email her at siobhanhiggins@peoplepc.com (include your name and phone number in your email).

Invited speakers at the rally include Blackwater author Jeremy Scahill, Jeff Leys of VCNV, representatives of Kick Boeing to the Curb, Clearwater and courageous local activists. Musicians have been invited from all over Illinois and nearby Willow Folk Festival. For more information see www.noprivatearmies.org or contact Clearwater's Mary Shesgreen at mary@noprivatearmies.org.


1. Leave 10:30 a.m. from behind the Chicago Art Institute, 100 block of S. Columbus Drive between Jackson and Monroe.

2. Drive to Blackwater in Jo Daviess County--trip is 2.5-3 hours. Deluxe motorcoach.

3. Rally from 2-4 pm. Music, speakers tba.

4. Return to Art Institute approximately 7:30 p.m.

5. Cost of ticket is $34 cash, if paying via Paypal $38.

To reserve a ticket for the bus please call Siobhan at 630-270-8520 or email at siobhanhiggins@peoplepc.com.


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