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Join the LGBT contingent in the big anti-war march tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20th!

On the 4th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, please join the Gay Liberation Network as we unite with others in saying: "Stop Funding War & Occupation / Bring the Troops Home NOW!"

We will be meeting at the southwest corner of State & Oak (a few blocks north of the Red Line "Chicago" stop) at 5:30 PM, Tuesday, March 20. Look for our big pink banners!

The "new" Iraq features fatwas that call for killing all gay people, issued by the so-called moderate that the U.S. has been courting, Ayatollah al-Sistani. Iraq has become probably the most dangerous place on the planet for LGBT people. The war has killed over 650,000, according to a study by Johns Hopkins Hospital, and billions of tax dollars which could have gone to securing decent health care and other social services for all instead have gone into the back pockets of privileged private contractors.

General Peter Pace, George Bush's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says Lesbians and Gays shouldn't have equal employment rights in the military because we are "immoral." Well sorry, General, but any "immoral" acts we might contemplate doing pale by comparison to the immorality of presiding over a war that has killed hundreds of thousands, and maimed many more.

Please join the Gay Liberation Network tomorrow as we join with thousands of others to demand an end to this madness: 5:30 PM, corner of State & Oak, Tuesday, March 20th.

Thank you.

For more information on the protest -- called for by over 100 groups -- please check out the coalition website: www.M20coalition.net

If you're critical of this war but have never taken part in an antiwar action, now it's even more important than ever to participate. Hundreds of thousands have died, including over 3,000 U.S. soldiers and as many as 650,000 Iraqis - with those numbers growing daily.

Americans have paid roughly half a trillion dollars for the war - including over $20 billion from Illinois residents - all funds that could instead have funded acess to quality health care, housing and education. And leaders from both parties have vowed to keep the dollars flowing. Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to bankroll the brutal occupation of Palestine, support Israeli aggression in Lebanon, continues its 5 year invasion of Afghanistan and threaten future attacks against Iran.

On March 20th, take a stand. Tell the government we want money for human needs, not war and corporate greed


On January 6th, over 100 individuals and representatives of organizations, including the Gay Liberation Network, gathered to begin organizing the Chicago area's response to the 4th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The group voted to host a march on Michigan Avenue on the evening of Tuesday, March 20th, followed by a rally at Daley Plaza. As the scene of the largest mass false arrest in Chicago history and an on-going free speech battle with the city, organizing for the right to march on Michigan Avenue was seen as a symbol of the ongoing battle to defend civil liberties in Chicago, and in the nation at large.


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