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He's PRO-War

AGAINST Equal Rights

FOR the Rich

PROTEST against anti-gay Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert

as he serves up a $500-a-plate fundraiser

5:30 PM

Friday, Sept. 8th

In front of the Hilton Hotel, 722 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago


-- As an enthusiastic supporter of American military expansion, he has been a cheerleader for the invasion and occupation of Iraq which has killed over 100,000, and a boisterous supporter of the Israeli war on Lebanon and Gaza which killed over 3,000. Thanks to his "leadership" of Congress, U.S. military spending is now as much as the rest of the world's COMBINED..


-- Hastert has presided over the steady erosion of a woman's right to choose abortion, attempted to stall access to safe contraception such as Plan B, and encouraged a series of proposed constitutional amendments banning the equal right of lesbians and gays to marry. During the immigration debate he has been demagogue, saying we need to "protect America" against immigrants, telling the Sun-Times that "We are serious about taking illegal aliens and moving them outside borders of our country."


-- He has been a steadfast supporter of Bush's illegal wiretapping, telling a February 6th meeting of the DeKalb County Republicans, "If you're a foreign national then you better watch out because we'll do everything we can to stop you."


-- Surprise, surprise--more tax breaks for the rich, opposition to raising the minimum wage while gas and other prices increase year after year and, of course, Katrina. The pathetic shambles that was the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina was followed by a series of sweetheart contracts to many of the same war profiteers making billions off of the occupation of Iraq.

In most of these crimes, Dennis Hastert was ably assisted by his fellow Democratic and Republican Congressmen and women. But this is Hastert's party. Let's rain on it.

Please join the Chicago Area CodePINK and the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism in a protest against Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and the Hastert wanna-be's in both parties!

5:30 PM

Friday, Sept. 8th

Protest in front of the Hilton Hotel, 722 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

For info or to endorse, please email CCAWR@aol.com or call 773-209-1187.


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