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"Bird Dog Hillary" Event!

In our last GLN message we announced Chicagoland CodePINK's "Bird Dog Hillary" protest scheduled for 5 PM, Tuesday, April 11th at the Sheraton Hotel, 301 E. North Water Street (at Columbus Drive, just north of the Chicago River, across the street from the NBC Building).

GLN warmly thanks CodePINK for initiating this protest and at our meeting last Wednesday, voted to join them on the picket line -- we hope you will join us too.

Besides being an ardent supporter of George Bush's war on Iraq, and her backsliding on choice, Hillary of course opposes equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans people. Specifically, she is against our equal marriage rights, which has become a bellwether issue for bigotry with regards to LGBT people.

In an important new development, progressive opposition to Hillary is no longer solely the province of "rabble rousers" like the Gay Liberation Network. This week's Chicago Free Press, in an editorial headlined "Real Allies," shows that anger at Clinton has developed broad and deep roots. Here is a portion of that editorial:

"Before U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) began positioning herself for a run for the presidency, she was something of a GLBT icon... Now the love between Clinton and the GLBT community appears on its way to becoming lost. As she eyes higher office, the trust is coming out: Clinton is not the lioness of liberalism her conservative opponents try to paint her as. In the past year, she's played up her personal disapproval of abortion, trumpeted her strong Christian faith at every opportunity and stressed her opposition to gay marriage.

"For the latter, Clinton has been hit with harsh words from GLBT leaders and has even been the target of protests by GLBT activists. In a stunning development, Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the New York-based Pride Agenda, said in February he would no longer support Clinton and urged members of the organization's board to do the same.

"But Clinton is not alone among Democrats who are all too willing to sell out gays and lesbians in order to wear the cloak of a moderate... Today's Democratic leaders are almost unbearably cringing and inept. Worse, few of them seem genuinely committed to GLBT social equality."

Go to www.ChicagoFreePress.com to read the full editorial, and join us on the picket line at 5 PM, Tuesday, April 11th!


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