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Chicago Teachers Struggle for Justice

GLN permalink 8-26-2012

With contract negotiations in full swing between the Chicago Teachers Union and the City, Mel Ferrand, chairman of the CTU's LGBT Rights Committee, recently participated in a discussion on Chicago Access Network TV with the Gay Liberation Network's Roger Fraser, himself a retired school teacher and union activist.

Roger Fraser and Mel Ferrand

Ferrand and Fraser discuss the right of LGBT teachers to free of harassment. With a possible strike looming in the next few weeks, they also discuss the various myths peddled by the Rahm Emanuel administration against the teachers, and what's at stake for teachers, students and parents.

...and support the teachers in person!

Come to a town hall meeting at 6:30 PM this Wednesday at the 1st Methodist Temple in Chicago, 77 W. Washington Blvd.

Join the Chicago Teacher Solidarity Campaign for a discussion about the fight for a fully funded education! The Meeting will feature a panel of parents, students, teachers, and community members, as well as resources, information, and opportunities to start organizing in your own neighborhood.

Our schools are in crisis from years of budget cuts. So why are Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the billionaires on the Board of Education blaming the teachers for our schools' problems? How dare they threaten to bankrupt our public schools with more spending on charters and magnets, but no money for small class sizes or a full curiculuum? If the city can find more than $5 million in TIF money to give to Board member Penny Pritzker to build another Hyatt hotel, why can't they find the money for a nurse in every school?

Teachers and families need to stand together for the fully funded schools all our kids deserve!

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Father José Landaverde
  • Jitu Brown (KOCO)
  • Erica Clark (Parents4Teachers)
  • Mack Julion (Letter Carriers Union)
  • Students from Social Justice High School
  • Special guests from the CTU

Help spread the word by joining the Facebook event here and sharing it with your friends!

Gay Liberation Network


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