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"Crooked Casbah" Protest Saturday Night

One of GLN's most active members, Blake Wilkinson, has been on the receiving end of an employer who is, well, crooked. We invite all who believe in fair play and equal rights to join him and others in a picket of the establishment this next Saturday.

Below is the text of their flyer:

Crooked Casbah

Defend Workers' Rights in Chicago!

Abuse of employees' rights is an all too common problem in the Chicago food service industry. The Casbah Café, on Broadway just south of Belmont, is a sad example of this type of crookedness as it engages in illegal and harmful employment procedures.

Not only is hourly pay illegally denied to servers, tips, their only means of income, are regularly stolen from them by the restaurant's management. Basic benefits such as overtime pay and healthcare are not afforded to employees, and on top of that Casbah Café's management robs their employees blind.

Theft and managerial chauvinism is all too common in the Chicago food service industry. Demand fair and respectful employment practices and the need for a food service industry union in Chicago!

Picket the Casbah Café

Saturday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 PM

3151 N Broadway, Chicago

Download the flyer for the event at the following URL:


For further information please call 773-368-1321


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