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IFI Trumpets the Tyranny of the Majority

That band of bigots, the Illinois Family Institute, has credited GLN with "thwarting the people's right" to enshrine antigay hate in the state's constitution.

Thanks Andy Thayer and Blake Wilkinson! And thanks for the compliment, IFI.

These hate merchants champion the tyranny of the majority by subjecting minority rights to majority approval. There can be little doubt that racist public opinion in the North backed segregated schools in 1954, and that without a Supreme Court decision striking down a Kansas law, and mass action by African-Americans and their white allies, legally separate schools might still be the law of the land.

Rosa Parks has been rightly lionized as a crusader for justice for African-Americans, but there can be little doubt that in her time a majority of Southern whites supported segregated facilities and services, including in public transportation.

When Japanese Americans were clapped into concentration camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a majority of the population undoubtedly backed the racist, illegal and immoral action of the FDR regime. Later, the US government belatedly apologized to the survivors and voted a modest monetary compensation for the grave injustice done to Japanese Americans, most of them US citizens.

The IFI and similar groups will continue to dress up their bigotry as a "will of the people to protect families and marriage," but it is a tyranny masked as a righteous cause, another blotch on the history of equality in the United States.

Ultimately, through hard work, our cause will prevail.

Bob Schwartz

GLN credited on Illinois Family Institute web site:

Usurping Democracy



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