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Felony Trial for GLN's Andy Thayer Is Next Tuesday, May 5th

Please Join Us at the Trial!!

This is a very political case, with top brass of the Chicago Police Department, including the Deputy Commander of the Central Business District, targeting Andy for ridiculous charges based upon his anti-war and anti-police brutality activism.

GLN permalink posted April 29, 2009

On January 7, 2008 President George W. Bush was greeted in Chicago by Mayor Richard M. Daley, Cardinal George, and a coterie of wealthy businessmen at the exclusive Union League Club. Four anti-war activists, Jeff Pickert, Kevin Clark and the Gay Liberation Network's Buddy Bell and Andy Thayer, were arrested during a protest as Bush was leaving the club.

In a bench trial Bell and Clark were found not guilty of disorderly conduct and Pickert was found guilty and sentenced to supervision. Thayer faces two felony counts of aggravated battery on a police officer – a deputy commander of Chicago's central business district. If found guilty, he faces up to seven years in prison and $25,000 fines.

Andy's jury trial begins at approximately 3 PM [note the revised time], Tuesday, May 5 in Judge Haberkorn's courtroom (Room 107) at the Cook County Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Skokie. "The Bush 4" co-defendants would greatly appreciate your attendance at the trial.

Statement from "The Bush 4"

"It's a supreme irony that we find ourselves defendants in alleged crimes against an officer who escorted (as opposed to arrested) President George W. Bush. We have a former president who is directly responsible for the deaths of over 1 million Iraqis, 10s of thousands of Afghanis, and thousands of Americans. This man has deliberately broken laws against spying on Americans. In authorizing torture, he has committed offenses recognized by Nuremburg as crimes against humanity.

"Rather than impeaching and trying Bush for these serious crimes, the alleged opposition in the Democratic leadership has participated in them. Rather than shunning this war criminal, Mayor Daley has greeted Bush with open arms on several occasions, eagerly lapping up Department of Homeland Security dollars for his police and money to militarize Chicago's schools.

"We believe that the felony charges leveled by Deputy Commander James Keating against Andy are political retribution for his years' long organizing against the civil liberties violations organized by Daley and his police. This use of policing powers for political aims is a crass abuse of authority.

"Please show your opposition to the wars and the abuses of civil liberties that come with wars. Please attend the Tuesday, May 5th trial. Finally, our deep thanks to all those who have already helped fund our legal defense and supported us in court."

-- The Bush 4 Defendants -- Andy, Buddy, Kevin, and Jeff

Approximately $6000 is still needed for Andy's defense – anything you can give is much appreciated. Checks can be made payable to "8th Day Center for Justice" (write "Bush Protesters Legal Defense" in the memo section) and mail to:

8th Day Center For Justice
Attn: Bush Protesters Legal Defense
205 W. Monroe Street, 5th floor
Chicago, IL 60606


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