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PROTEST Iraq War Supporter Hillary Clinton in Chicago This Saturday

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), a staunch support of Bush's war on Iraq, is coming to Chicago for a fundraiser at a local nightclub. We ask you to join us in a protest against her visit at 6:30 PM, Saturday, December 3rd in front of the Crobar nightclub, 1543 N. Kingsbury, Chicago (3 blocks west & one block south of the "North/Clybourn" stop of the Red Line "el").

When: Saturday, December 3 - 6:30 PM

Where: Crobar Nightclub - 1543 N. Kingsbury Ave, Chicago (3 blocks west and one block south of the "North/Clyburn stop of the Red Line "el").

The leading, unannounced candidate for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination, Clinton has made no secret of her support for the Iraq war and hardline, anti-Palestinian positions. Besides supporting Bush's infamous pro-war resolution in the fall of 2002, Clinton has routinely voted to spend billions of dollars on the war and occupation. To underline her support of the war, a few months ago Clinton went so far as to baldly restate her pro-war positions to Cindy Sheehan during a meeting she had with her in September.

We call on all anti-war forces in the city to put your anti-war principles ahead of party affiliations (if any) by joining us in a non-partisan, anti-war protest against her visit.

While the focus of Saturday's protest will be Clinton's support of the war on Iraq, it should also be noted that she's been a steadfast opponent of equal marriage rights for the LGBT community and was among those who scapegoated gay rights activists for John Kerry's loss in the 2004 election (click HERE for details).

For more information or to endorse, email LGBTliberation@aol.com

Endorsers List (in formation): Chicago ANSWER, 8th Day Center for Justice, Evanston Neighbors for Peace, Gay Liberation Network, International Solidarity Movement - Chicago Chapter, Palestine Solidarity Group, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Peace Pledge-Chicago, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee

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